For Kids

This page of Commemorating Ye’yumnuts is created for children and teachers of younger students! There are currently three sections of the Kids Kit content. The first is a collection of three online storybooks inspired by some of the many stories of Ye’yumnuts. There is a story about the name Ye’yumnuts, another about the long history of Ye’yumnuts, and finally one about the struggle to protect Ye’yumnuts. Together these storybooks give a sense of Ye’yumnuts’ long and storied history. It is a place of many stories and these consider only three.

After you are completed with the stories we also have a collection of artifact cards. These are short and easy to read cards that tell small facts about Cowichan belongings found right at Ye’yumnuts. They were mostly dug up in the early 1990s as part of early archaeological digs at the site. The cards are in alphabetical order and cover everything from tools to beads to fire-cracked rocks! All of this is important as the village site at Ye’yumnuts is roughly 2000 years old! Each artifact slide includes a colour photograph of one of the artifacts with a ruler so that youngsters can figure out how big each artifact is!

Material culture provides a window into the past activities at Ye'yumnuts!

Read through three different story books about the name and history of Ye'yumnuts.

Outstanding Artifacts!

Material culture provides a valuable window into the past activities at Ye'yumnuts. A selection of tools made of stone and bone that were recovered during archaeological excavations are presented below, but see the Archaeologists' Perspectives page for additional images and data.

Sandstone Hammer Stone

Tuff Projectile Point

Phyllite Projectile Point

Nephrite Adze

Granodiorite Hammerstone

Tuff Flake

Bone Awl

Obsidian Microblade

Hul'qumi'num Glossary

Hul'qumi'num is the language spoken by the Cowichan people. This glossary includes some important terms related to the site of Ye'yumnuts that are mentioned on this website.