Here you will find our three Kids Kit storybooks. Each tells a different story about the place we call Ye’yumnuts. The first story is about the name Ye’yumnuts and where it comes from. Our second story is about the long history of events that happened at Ye’yumnuts. This includes the Cowichan history and more recent tales too! The final story is about the struggle to save Ye’yumnuts. There was a time where this special place was not protected from being covered in houses. This last story explains what effort was put in to make sure this place was saved for the future.

We hope you enjoy reading our stories about Ye’yumnuts. Each was created with kids in mind, so we added a lot of pictures. Each page is colourful, easy to read, informative, and fun!

A Place Called Ye'yumnuts

A Place Called Ye'yumnuts

Stories of Ye'yumnuts

Stories of Ye’yumnuts

Development at Ye'yumnuts

Development at Ye’yumnuts