Quw'uts'un Mustimuhw

Cowichan Tribes has a long history and a deep connection with Ye'yumnutsfor over 2,000 years, notably as a village and as a place of burial. These videos, podcasts, and texts centre on Cowichan peoples' knowledge, language, oral histories, and teachings -- snuwuyulh -- that come from thinking about and being at Ye'yumnuts.

Being at Ye'yumnuts

Hear from a hereditary Cowichan knowledge keeper about how to behave respectfully and safely when you visit​ sacred ancestral sites, like Ye'yumnuts.

Words from Elders

Cowichan Elders play a fundamental role in holding and trans-mitting cultural know-ledge and teachings. Hear from Cowichan Elder Luschiim about the site of Ye'yumnuts.

Stories of Ye'yumnuts

Take audio-visual "Soundwalks" through Ye'yumnuts, and listen to podcast interviews with Cowichan Elders and Hulquminum Language Academy experts give stories and perspectives on the past and the present of this ancient place.

Lands Department

The Cowichan Lands Department has led the work to in protecting and care for Ye'yumnuts.

Cowichan elder Luschiim explains the origin of the name Ye'yumnuts.

Cowichan Peoples and Ye'yumnuts

Cowichan elder Wes Modest participated in much of the excavation work at Ye'yumnuts providing valuable guidance to archaeologists.

Cowichan peoples have been actively engaged in all phases of the archaeological work done at Ye'yumnuts, an important element of their dialogue and relationship with this place.