Video & Audio

Audio and video recordings which discuss Ye'yumnuts are displayed here. These include interviews with archaeologists and elders, media clips, and documentaries. 


Yeyumnuts_Video_Audio - 8772a

Audio Files:

QuentinMackie_on_YeyumnutsArtifacts_10Nov2017 (resampled).mp3

Audio: Dr. Quentin Mackie (Nov. 10, 2017) 

Dr. Quentin Mackie talks to UVic graduate students about Ye'yumnuts artifacts (1hr 14 min) sound improves at 1 min, 37 sec

Dr. Mackie Artifact Talk (2019) (resampled).mp3

Audio: Dr. Quentin Mackie (Oct. 18, 2019)

Dr. Quentin Mackie talks to Uvic grad students about Ye'yumnuts Artifacts (52 minutes)

Charlie Kingston Audio Nov 25 2017_resampled.mp3

Audio: Charlie Kingston Pt 1 (Nov. 25, 2017)

Charlie Kingston tells MA student Chris Hebda about his family's farm at the Ye'yumnuts site. (2 hrs 17 min)

Charlie Kingston Audio Dec 2 2017_resampled.MP3

Audio: Charlie Kingston Pt 2 (Dec. 2, 2017)

Charlie Kingston continues his interview about his family's farm and history at the Ye'yumnuts site (1 hr 28 min)

Sound at Ye'yumnuts_Podcast by Elli and Xue.mp3

Podcast: Sound at Ye'yumnuts (Fall 2022)

Graduate students Elli Bookhalter and Xue Ma co-produced this podcast "Sound at Ye'yumnuts". The podcast features an interview with Jared "Qwustenuxun" Williams on the importance of sound, and a soundscape of Ye'yumnuts (32 minutes).