Features of Ye'yumnuts

Virtual Reality Tour and Teacher's Guide

Below is a thumbnail for the virtual reality tour of the archaeological features at Ye'yumnuts. To access the Virtual Reality Tour, students need a cellphone or a PC as well as one of the cardboard VR Viewers (for the phone in particular). It can be viewed on all PCs and accessed through Google Chrome on smartphones.They can click on the points of interest where written text, photos, and audio will pop up describing the feature. The following guide will go more in depth than the VR Tour will.

This guide will provide additional information regarding the archaeological features (nonmoveable element of an archaeological site) mentioned in the Virtual Reality Tour.

Note, if you are not hearing audio, please use the 'gear' tool in the upper right-hand corner to "turn narration on"

We suggest you use the activity before attending the site for the first time. Since these features are not currently visible on site, the tour will give students some context and help them envision what this habitation site once looked like.

Features of Ye'yumnuts.pdf