Ye'yumnuts Timeline

This timeline offers a chronological overview of the Cowichan place and archaeological site known as Ye’yumnuts. This place has a long rich history, with archaeological materials found dating as far back as 2,080 years before present. Ye’yumnuts, located in a significant inland location between Quamichan and Mount Prevost, along Somenos Creek, was used both as a village and, later, as a place to bury the dead. Evidence for a possible structure, cooking pits, a wide variety of flora and fauna, and imported materials – such as volcanic glass tools sourced from Oregon – are among the many things that have been found at Ye’yumnuts. A quarter-century fight to save the site from residential development recently resulted in its protection.

Events at Ye'yumnuts, are contextualized within a broader framework of Cowichan history. This timeline offers a platform for wider thinking about how Cowichan sites come to be subject to development, and how different ways of knowing interact in the Cowichan Valley.

It should be noted that this timeline was created with teachers and students as the intended audience. Because this timeline covers a broad range of dates, it is necessary to use the zoom feature when viewing the lower timeline bar.

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