Commemorating Ye'yumnuts

Welcome to the Commemorating Ye'yumnuts project! 

Ye’yumnuts is a sacred ancestral place of the Cowichan people.  Cowichan presence here has over 2000 years of history, and this place remains as unceded Cowichan territory.  Ye’yumnuts has deep connections to other places throughout Cowichan territory and far beyond.  Cowichan oral memory and archaeological research shows that Ye’yumnuts is a special place that has been related to in different ways over the course of its long history.  We are excited that you have visited this site to learn and teach about Ye’yumnuts!

Cowichan Relations to Ye'yumnuts

Things to Know Before Visiting Ye’yumnuts

Curriculum Activities & Resources

The Commemorating Ye'yumnuts project was initiated by Cowichan Tribes, to give youth, teachers, and other residents of the Cowichan Valley a special opportunity to learn about the history and importance of this place.  This website has been researched and created in partnership with the University of Victoria Department of Anthropology, with assistance from the Cowichan Valley School District and the funders listed below.  Here, you can find materials for educational ways of engaging with Ye’yumnuts and its history, as well an archive of documents and records relating to this place.