Cowichan Lands Department

The Cowichan Lands Department has led the work to protect and care for Ye'yumnuts since the beginning!

The Lands Department is responsible for all property legal transactions and permit requirements, maintaining property records for all Cowichan Reserve lands, and protecting Cowichan Tribes’ land rights and title.

Please contact the Cowichan Lands Department if you encounter any archaeological site, objects or ancestral remains.

In 2006 a short documentary was made chronicling Cowichan Elders and Cowichan Tribes Lands Department concerns about Ye'yumnuts. At the time the site was threatened by urban development. The site is now protected, but this film is still important to understand Ye'yumnuts in the cultural and social landscape.

Cowichan Tribes Lands Department has been the force behind protecting and honouring Ye'yumnuts since 1992. Here, Dianne Hinkley from Cowichan Tribes shares with a group of students about the significance of the plants, fish, birds and animals still found at Ye'yumnuts. Cowichan Tribes Lands Department Website